Persian Eggs (A Perfect Brunch)

Written by Natalia Tarjanyi

Food creates community. It is a springboard for our day to day happiness and health. We are here to help you find self-acceptance, love, and trust in your intuition by understanding your relationship with food.

18 Mar, 2020

Inspired by La Dinette in Muswell Hill

Serves 2

100g fresh or frozen spinach

1 bunch of dill

100g natural Greek yoghurt

4 eggs

4 slices of halloumi

4 teaspoons harissa

Salt, lemon zest (otional)

Wilt spinach on a teaspoon of butter or olive oil until there is hardly any liquid left.

Chop the dill and spinach until fine, mix it with the yoghurt. Season with salt and lemon zest.

Fry or poach the eggs, and grill the halloumi slices. Toast a slice of sourdough to serve with.

 Add roughly two tablespoons of the spinach yoghurt on the plate. Arrange two eggs, two slices of halloumi on top, then drizzle with harissa. If there isn’t much harissa left in the jar, just add olive oil and shake well J

Serve with a slice of toast.


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