The Anti-Diet Holiday


Why Diets Don’t Work – Introduction to Intuitive Eating

This 10-Day Online Course and Group Coaching has been designed to introduce you to Food Freedom and explain why diets just don’t work in the long run.

Starting Wednesday 9th December 2020


About the course

Do you feel like you’ve tried all the diets in the world, perhaps you’ve even managed to lose some weight but then put all back on (or even more) once you stopped the diet?

Do you find you are constantly on a diet?

What if instead of trying another diet, you try a completely different approach, one that is not dictated by someone who has never met you, doesn’t know your body or your lifestyle?

This course has been designed to give you an explanation as to why diets just don’t work. Not in the long run anyway. You might have found that occasionally they have worked but only for a very short period of time.

As an alternative, Nati’s Health courses aim to empower you to ditch dieting forever (stop raging a war against yourself) and start listening to your own body.

The Anti-Diet Holiday is a group coaching course accessible to anyone who wants to gain insight on their behaviour and get relevant tools to become empowered to make conscious choices around food without submitting yourself to another gruelling and constricting diet. 

We will kickstart the programme by sending you journaling questions to make you more aware of your habits, the reasons why you think you need to lose weight and to figure out the roots of these beliefs. Then we will take a journey together from self-awareness and self-acceptance to empowered actions that fit your lifestyle. I will encourage all of you to learn to trust your bodies’ signals and to find pleasure in eating without judgement. (Intuitive Eating)


During the 10 days we will meet twice for a live group coaching / Q and A via Zoom, and Nati will provide you with two more coaching sessions via FB live, in our private Facebook group. Don’t worry if you can’t make the lives, we’ll have recordings to share with you and you can email us with any questions you may have.

You will get materials and workbooks to work with that you can of course keep and use as tools later on. We’ll also invite you to participate in the conversation in our private Anti-Diet Holiday Facebook group, where we will post more inspirations, prompts and tools daily. Nati will also be there to support and encourage you on your journey, and to answer all your questions.

Day 1-3

Focus on explanation and self-awareness. You cannot make new choices until you watch yourself make your current choices. Why do we diet? Why don’t they work for 98% of the time? What does it mean to be anti-diet? 

Day 4-6

Focus on self-acceptance and self-love…Non-acceptance creates an internal struggle as we are literally fighting with ourselves. Can we let go of judgement? How to stop assigning moral value to our food choices? 

Day 7-10

Recognising and trusting your body’s signals, intuitive eating vs dieting…finding the path back to you, learning to trust your intuition again. “There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.” Friedrich Nietzsche (yep, THAT Nietzsche..)

We start on Wednesday 9th December, so secure your spot now!

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